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Arnzechukwu Patrick

colorblind lullaby- It is a merge of alternative rock and neo soul, something that can be played at a Bohemian grove.

photo by scrill davis



thomjana’ is a multidisciplinary artist from saint rose, louisiana. she began with concentrations in visual and literary art forms, becoming a published model featured in Paper Magazine, i-D Magazine film, Nylon Magazine, an Addidas campaign plus more. She is also a published poet. while being interested in many art forms, music has always been a background hymn promoting the release of emotions like no other art form. Following modeling and music has allowed thomjana’ to travel the world as a dancer for world renown, Solange Knowles. Inspired by authentication of the artists she has been able to witness, and work under, thomjana’ has began creating music.

Colorblind lullaby is thomjana’s debut single, while she promises more music to come, all exclusively produced by freeTrial.
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